The Trilogy Method – a Holistic Birth Control Plan Webinar


1.5 Hour Online Class with Herbalist Tania Oceana

February 22nd, 2022 

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Join us February 22nd for a Class on the Trilogy Method to learn bodily literacy and a holistic birth control method

A balanced, drug & insert free method for reproductive sovereignty. This class is most well suited for women with a consistent cycle. It can also enhance body literacy on ones journey towards a more regular cycle (for example, after ending hormonal birth control). It combines body literacy with modern fertility strategies and can be adjusted for personal flexibility

You will be emailed a document to keep which includes a chart, directions & tips!

This class will be recorded in case you cannot attend live.

The Trilogy Method of
Conscious Contraception

Tania Oceana | Epic Herbalism


  1. Prevent pregnancy naturally
  2. Nurture and deepen a relationship with your body & fertility
  3. Learn the foundation of the Trilogy Method
  4. Adjust for personal needs
  5. Additional notes on herbs 

Redirect fear and “no” to a joyous YES! You are likely here because you are saying no right now to pregnancy. But what are you saying yes to? We have a lot of creative power in our intentions, in our sexuality and in our body. What do you wish to create instead, to nourish, to metaphorically birth? We want to remember how to work with our body and reclaim our YES!

Intro to Conscious Contraception

You already know why you are using contraception and you are maybe going to dive deeper into what you want to enjoy or create instead of a pregnancy. But the benefits of an alternative to conventional contraception are many.

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