Support in Smoking Cessation | Class on Herbalism & Quitting Tobacco


Recorded 20 minute class with Herbalist Tania Oceana on wholistic strategies for quitting tobacco

20 Minutes | Listen at your convenience

  • Info on supportive herbs, how to prepare
  • Healthier smoking alternative options
  • Recipes & tips



Our live Smoking Cessation class was so well received that we are now offering this recording at an affordable price to anyone interested in quitting tobacco!

Tania, a Traditional Western Herbalist, has over a decade of experience in working with herbs for holistic health & wellness. She has worked one-on-one with dozens of individuals and with that experience is excited to share natural and effective strategies to help everyone level up their health and quality of life!

Topics include herbal considerations for anxiety, habit, cravings, overall health and more. Learn holistic strategies to lessen intake, effectively wean down and gently quit the health harming habit of consuming nicotine. 

You will learn about various herbs and how to prepare them, healthier alternatives and walk away with recipes to try!

It’s time to invest in you

NOTE | After purchase you will be emailed the video link and recipes


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