Top 5 Herbs to Grow at Home

It’s early spring and time to start thinking about which plant to grow!

Here are my top five favorite herbs to grow because they are all easy to grow as well as medicinal, culinary and nutritious!

They can all be started or grown indoors as well as outdoors (after the last frost).

Herbs to Grown this Spring
Direction from bottom right, up and over

1. Peppermint
– black thumb proof
– good for indigestion
– trace minerals & vitamins calcium, phosphorus and vitamin A
Tip: Keep potted because it will take over

2. Echinacea
– beautiful pollinator flower
– immune boosting root/leaf/flowers
– tolerates poor, rocky soil
Tip: Add to others teas because the flavor can be unpleasant/numbs your mouth

3. Sage
– classic culinary herb
– helps balance body fluids, especially around/in #menopause (dries nightsweats while helping skin to retain moisture)
– add flowers to salads & beverages
Tip: slow grower so I prefer to buy an already established plant over sprouting myself

4. Chamomile
– gently relaxing for people of all ages
– makes a soothing eye compress
– good for nervous stomach aches
Tip: grows well in a full sun window

5. Calendula
– heals wounds fast (use only on uninfected scraps, scabs & scars)
– easy and quick to grow from seed & reseed from flowers
– gently stimulates lymph flow
Tip: pluck the #flower heads off as they peak to get a long harvest window

Happy planting Plant Lovers!

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